About Me

Hey, my name is Danielle Habert and I’m an illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. Currently, I'm studying illustration at FIT and have already earned my associate's degree.

I'm all about diving into different styles and mediums, exploring the endless possibilities of art. Whether it's sketching portraits, experimenting with editorial and conceptual pieces, or trying out new artistic mediums, I'm constantly seeking inspiration.

Teaching art is another passion of mine, especially when it comes to working with children. There's something magical about helping them unlock their creativity and witnessing their joy as they express themselves through art.

In addition to my illustrations, I also enjoy painting clothes. It started with hand-painted denim jackets, but now I create unique wearable art pieces. You can also check out my diverse collection of artwork.


Email: daniellejh321@gmail.com

Instagram: danz.nyc 

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